About Us
Wagging Tail Bakery is a premium homemade pet bakery, which was found from the owner’s love and passion for the four-legged friends. Our only mission is to provide fresh-bake, nutritious and delicious wholesome treats for pets that pet parents feel happy whenever they give their best friends healthy treats.
Wagging Tail Bakery began years ago when Squiddy – a sweet Maltese puppy with big attitude arrived in our arms with congenital tear ducts obstruction. Squiddy is not only just a pet, she is one of our family and a big part of our lives. This lively little furry’s face is always red from severe tear stains. We found that she is allergic to grains and with her pure white coat, she cannot eat food with food coloring. We tried so hard to find the best grain-free, all natural, no artificial color food and treats for her. The more we searched, the worse we found. There are too many chemical ingredients and by-products in pet treats. Finally, we took all matters in our own little kitchen and started to bake.
From the small start with Squiddy’s snacks, we took another step to share our premium treats for all furry friends, especially dogs and cats. We now provide healthy treats, bakeries, cakes and all made-to-order menus to serve every fur ball special needs and occasions. We are always taking on new challenges, researching new ingredients and developing new recipes. We will continually produce new treats and baked goodies to ensure pet parents that their loved ones only receive the best and most suitable treats for their health status and to make those tails wag so hard with joy.
Because we love them like you do,

Wagging Tail Bakery