Frosted Biscuit
(Bone Shape)
Wagging Tail Bakery Frosted Biscuit combines our signature crunch and the beauty of the icing decoration* in this classic dog favorite bone shape. Available in medium and large bone biscuits.

* Icing decoration contains icing sugar, egg white, premium grade food color
** For 100% natural icing decoration, please contact us
Frosted Tuna Biscuit:
100g. 155 B.
Frosted Salmon Biscuit:
100 g. 195 B.
Frosted Pumpkin-Tuna Biscuit:
100 g. 155 B.
Health Consideration
General health, not suitable for pets with diabetes
Store in cool, dry place. Keep resealable bag close tightly. Finish product within 14 days after open
Feeding Guideline
Feed as a between meal snack, a treat or a training reward
Wheat flour, tuna, powdered milk, sunflower oil