Salmon Biscuit
This Salmon Biscuits taste great and the crunchy texture your dogs love. Let them know just how special they are by treating them to this healthy and yummy treats that are fortified with Omega-3 and Omega-6 from Salmon
  • High protein, Omega-3 and Omerga-6 from real Salmon
  • Rich in Omega-6 and Vitamin E from sunflower oil, good for dog skin and coat
  • Human grade ingredients
  • No Glycerin, artificial color, artificial flavor, sugar, salt or preservative added
Mini Salmon Biscuit:
30g. 60 B.
Suitable for small dogs and puppies (weight < 3 kg)
Medium Salmon Biscuit:
100 g. 135 B.
Suitable for medium dogs (weight 3-10 kg)
Large Salmon Biscuit:
100 g. 135 B.
Suitable for large dogs (weight > 10 kg)
Health Consideration
General health
Store in cool, dry place. Keep resealable bag close tightly. Finish product within 14 days after open
Feeding Guideline
Feed as a between meal snack, a treat or a training reward
Wheat flour, salmon, powdered milk, sunflower oil