Tuna Biscuit
This treat is power-packed with plenty of taste and the crunch your furry friends crave. Wagging Tail Bakery Tuna Biscuit is an everyday irresistible treat that provides a healthy between meal snack for your beloved dogs.
  • High protein from real tuna
  • Rich in Omega-6 and Vitamin E from sunflower oil, good for dog skin and coat
  • Human grade ingredients
  • No Glycerin, artificial color, artificial flavor, sugar, salt or preservative added
Mini Tuna Biscuit:
30g. 45 B.
Suitable for small dogs and puppies (weight < 3 kg)
Medium Tuna Biscuit:
100 g. 85 B.
Suitable for medium dogs (weight 3-10 kg)
Large Tuna Biscuit:
100 g. 85 B.
Suitable for large dogs (weight > 10 kg)
Health Consideration
General health
Store in cool, dry place. Keep resealable bag close tightly. Finish product within 14 days after open
Feeding Guideline
Feed as a between meal snack, a treat or a training reward
Wheat flour, tuna, powdered milk, sunflower oil